One of several issues people face while traveling to different countries is carrying and exchanging currencies. Each country has its unique currency and you need it to buy goods and services in that country.

What if you can use the same card to make payments in every country you visit? It will solve one of the biggest troubles faced by travelers. The Wirex Card precisely solves that issue. It has the potential to revolutionize the way people transact globally.

This Wirex Card review will reveal many unknown facts about this new payment solution. Continue reading to learn whether it is a reliable solution for your demands or not.

What Is The Wirex Card?

It is a borderless digital payment platform designed to make cryptocurrencies and fiat money easily accessible to users. The user gets a next-gen card and a cutting-edge mobile app to use this platform.

You can use it to trade in a variety of fiat and cryptocurrencies. It makes each transaction fast, secure, and convenient for the user. Users get a user-friendly platform with no hidden fee! Therefore, it became quite popular nowadays among users who travel and trade globally.

The user can customize the Wirex app as per his/her demands. He can choose from over 12 crypto and traditional currency accounts. Transferring money becomes quite easy because the user can spend his funds in more than 150 crypto and fiat currencies.

More than 54 million locations currently accept the Wirex Card across the globe. More are expected to accept this new card to make transactions easier. Tourists and travelers, who hold a Wirex Card, can make payments globally without exchanging their currency. That’s how this new digital payment solution can save you a lot of time!

How does the Wirex Card work?

People usually pay an expensive fee whenever they make international transactions. Wirex allows you to save some money on the transaction fee if the payment receiver also holds a Wirex Card. This card allows you to transfer funds globally without paying expensive transaction fees.

Suppose you want to invest in Bitcoins, you can use the Wirex app to buy Bitcoins directly. Link your credit and debit cards to this platform to maintain a smooth flow of money. Global Wirex transactions take place pretty fast. Therefore, it’s a simple and effective payment system.

This is how to start using your Wirex Card:

Create a Wirex account

Go to the official Wirex website and join this platform with a few clicks. Order a debit card once the registration process is complete.

Verify your identity

It will take just a few minutes. Verification will allow you to make transactions uninterruptedly.

Add funds

You can add both cryptocurrencies and fiat money to your Wirex wallet. Choose the deposit method and add funds to be able to send and receive money.

Get your Wirex Card

This platform will seek your address, personal details, payment methods, and other information to issue the card. Fill in all the required entries and place the order. You will receive the Wirex Card within a few days after placing the order.

Now, you can buy some profitable crypto assets using the Wirex app. You can make a direct purchase without seeking a middleman. The app is available for both Android and iOS device users.

Use the two-factor authentication to keep your funds and information secure. Share the Wirex app with your friends and colleagues, and you can receive some amazing rewards from this platform. That’s how you can begin using the Wirex Card for easy global transactions and some alluring rewards.

Where can you use the Wirex Card?

Wirex is constantly expanding its service area to serve more clients. It is currently serving people in more than 130 countries. You can trust your Wirex Card to make a payment whether you are in Afghanistan or Peru.

This card has effectively resolved the issues people face when they land in a new country. It is constantly trying to reach more people in more countries to serve their needs. Wirex complies with all the local rules to provide user-friendly service in each country.

This card does not work in all developed or developing countries. However, the Wirex team is constantly trying to get there so that it can serve more customers.

Is Wirex Card safe?

Wirex is one of the fastest-growing global payment platforms. It is succeeding because it offers the desired security levels to the users. It uses the most cutting-edge technologies to offer top-notch security. This is how it protects the user’s data:


This platform relies on 256-bit SSL to have safer communications between the browser and server. These safety features effectively reduce the risk of attack in the middle. The Secure Socket Layer or SSL has become a standard security solution to set up a secure link between the browser and web server. Wirex uses the best technology has to offer to ensure top-quality protection.

Email confirmation

You have to link the Wirex account to your email address. It is quite crucial to protect your funds. Suppose a hacker gains access to your Wirex account, he won’t be able to send funds. Set up different passwords for your email and Wirex accounts! Thus, you can play your part in enhancing the security levels.

2FA or Two-Factor Authentication

This platform uses 2FA as an additional security layer to protect user data. It’s not the user ID or password, but another personal detail that only the user owns to become the transaction. It can be a physical token or something else that only the user owns.

However, it is up to the user whether he wants the advanced 2FA authentication or not. Your Wirex-linked email ID and Wirex Account will be safe if you enable this security feature. It is free and every user must enable it.

Multi-signature technology

Wirex uses the BitGo multi-signature technology to protect all user accounts. This technology allows you to transfer funds without seeking the permission of all the involved parties. Each user can have 2-3 multi-signature Bitcoin accounts protected by unique keys. BitGo ensures the security of users’ funds and audits the account infrastructure regularly.

This platform uses many advanced security solutions to offer a well-protect platform for global transactions. These security features have established Wirex as one of the safest multicurrency payment platforms in the world.

Why the Wirex Card is better than regular bank cards?

Over 3 million users are currently using the Wirex card and its app in more than 130 countries. Its user base is growing quite rapidly. Why it is better than a regular bank card? Let’s find out:

Easy access to numerous new currencies

Wirex has improved its services after receiving feedback from the existing users. The latest Wirex 3.0 supports several new fiat currencies. The user can shop in new countries and pay the bill in local currencies.

It allows users to buy and trade several cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH, WXT, DAI, and several others. You can use this platform and card to trade in all the major fiat currencies. Traditional bank cards do not offer such facilities. Therefore, the Wirex Card is much better.

Great exchange rates

Wirex provides its registered users with the best currency exchange rates in the world. The user can get easy access to interbank rates regardless of the size of the transaction.

The interbank rate is the rate at which global financial institutions make FX transactions. You can check the exchange rates and then complete the transaction. Traditional banks do not maintain such transparency. Therefore, Wirex is a better choice.

Easy customization

Now, you do not need different wallets to hold all your traditional currencies and cryptos. Get the Wirex Card and you can manage your funds on the same platform. You can easily customize the interface as per your needs. The Wirex app offers great customization features which competitor platforms lack. You can’t use a traditional bank card to hold different types of cryptos or fiat currencies. Therefore, a Wirex Card is perfect for your demands.

Fast transactions

You won’t have to wait 4-7 days to complete a transaction when using a Wirex Card. It gives you the power to complete the transaction faster than traditional wire transfer methods. Now, you can send money abroad and receive it from any countries without waiting too long. That’s why you should try it!

Wirex has also increased per-transaction and per-day fund transfer limits. Now users can send up to £/$/€10k per day. It will further increase the transaction limit to help users in sending and receiving more money quickly.

Wrapping Up

The new Wirex Card is much safer and more feature-rich than other advanced payment solutions. It is still not accessible in many countries and that’s a major drawback. However, the Wirex team is constantly trying to expand this platform’s service area.

It might soon be available in your country if you can’t use it now! As explained in this review, it is way more beneficial than a regular bank card can ever be. So, get it and use it to transfer money safely across the globe!