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Pampther: An Ideal Crypto Coin to Start Investing In

In 2021 the growth of crypto has been quite rapid. A huge amount of people have started investing in the crypto market because of its huge returns. The crypto market is not always stable but you will always be able to earn a lot of money if you make smart investments in the market. More traditional traders are moving to the crypto market so that they can scale up their investments.

Since investors do not have a huge idea about the crypto market and how volatile they are, they mustn’t put all their eggs in one basket. Investing in one crypto is not a smart move. Investing in multiple cryptocurrencies is the best move for investors going forward. If you are thinking of investing in the market Pampther could be just the perfect investment opportunity for you. If you are thinking about investing your money in Pampther make sure you read this article carefully so that you get a clear understanding.

Pampther Token

Pampther is a token that is a deflationary BEP-20 built on the Binance Smart Chain. The token is designed in-code which helps in rewarding holders as well as gives in to charity at the same time. On each transaction, a tax of 1% is burned and redistributed among token holders. On every transaction, 0.1% is automatically donated to the Binance Charity Wallet.

This token is built in the Binance Smart Chain so that it can provide low and accessible gas fees. Since the token is inspired by the power of humanity the crypto company tries to provide opportunity and support of different global imperative cases all across the globe. The higher the price of Pampther tokens more the holders are rewarded and donated to charity

The tokenomics of Pampther are quite simple and easy to understand. On every transaction, 1% of the tokens are buried forever so that the supply is decreased which makes it deflationary. Another 1% is redistributed to all the holders as a percent of profit. This 1% is quite rewarding for the holders and therefore it is a smart move to invest in Pampther. 0.1% of every transaction is donated to the Binance Charity Wallet which is then further used in some good causes.

Right now Pampther is working towards airdrop and their pre-sale launch on the BSC. They have come up with their fully audited smart contract and now it is listed on all the popular exchanges in the market. It is expected that Pampther will be hosting some giveaways and competitions so that they can promote their currency. Pampther will be launching their merchandise where they will be selling branded items. The Non Fungible Tokens have not been released yet because developers are still working on them. Investors can now explore bridges to different chains so that they continue to give to the ecosystem and keep the process going.

Pampther & Friends- The NFT game

People who have been following Pampther for some time have been anticipating a lot about Pampther & Friends game and finally it has arrived. In this game, investors will be on a journey to the moon and along the way; they will start collecting gold coins and set a challenging score for other players. Just like Pampther the game also believes in bringing communities together simply by expanding the cryptocurrency space and giving back to the community. In this game, investors will be able to play as their favorite animal token and collect all the gold coins that come their way, and unlock more Pampther’s friends. The main aim of the game is to set a high score. The developers have also announced that the first 10 investors who can unlock all Pampther’s friends will get NFT to commemorate their achievement.

Every week the player with the highest score receives one kind of Pampther & Friends NFT. At the beginning of every week, all the high scores are reset which allows players a chance to collect their NFTs every week. If investors want to win NFT’s playing the game then they should at least have 100,000 Pampther tokens in their possession.

Pampther token details

The price of Pampther today is at $0.000230 USD which does not have a 24-hour trading volume of any sort. The developers of Pampther keep updating Pampther into USD in real-time. The price of this token is up by 10.09% in the last 24 hours. Right now the token is ranked at 5956 with no live market cap. It is expected that after this year is don’t the token will rise in ranking. The circulating supply of Pampther is not available and a max supply of 1000,000,000 Pampther coins as possible.

How to buy a Pampther token?

Just like all the popular tokens, Pampther is available in almost all the big exchanges so buying it is not a hard task. Investors will also be able to purchase Pampther with flat money so they do not have to worry about multiple exchanges.

Choosing an exchange

In this step, you will choose an exchange and create an account in it. There are multiple exchanges available in the market. Choose the most reliable exchange you like and create an account. Users will have to input all their data and credentials in this step and verify their account.

Making the purchase

Purchase some Pampther and pay through debit card, credit card, or bitcoin. Once the verification process is done go to the payment page and simply add your debit card, credit card, or bank account details. Add Pampther to your card and proceed to checkout. The processing fee in debit and credit card payments is higher so you should go with a bank transfer or bitcoin to save some money.

Creating a wallet

To store the Pampther token investors will need to create an altcoin exchange account to store all their currencies in one place. There are multiple wallets available for which investors can choose one to keep their tokens safe. The wallet will help users save all their cryptocurrencies in one place making it easy for trade and security. Make sure to choose a wallet that is reliable and secure.

Storing coins in the wallet

Transfer the recently purchased Pampther from the exchange to the wallet and it’s good to go. It might take some time for the tokens to reflect in the wallet. Once the coins end up reflecting in the account you will be able to trade with help of. The coins that are stored in the wallet are kept secured.


If you are thinking of investing in crypto then there is no better coin than Pampther to start with. Owning this coin is quite rewarding because of all the gifts and NFTs the developers give away to the token holders. Since Pampther is at its initial stages the prices are quite low. After the full release of the platform with all the features and NFTs, the prices of coins will surely go up. If you have some money to invest make sure you invest it in Pampther tokens.

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