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MoonBear Finance: The Cryptocurrency Designed for the Future

The crypto market is one of the most volatile and profitable markets today. Most traditional investors are now shifting into a crypto investment because of the high profitability earned in a short period. Most new investors end up investing all their money in the top cryptocurrencies where the growth is a bit low. Today we will be talking about a currency that is comparatively low and has a high potential in the future. Taking some risks and investing money in this crypto will surely go a long way.

MoonBear Finance is a fair launched community-driven decentralized crypto token with supercharged tokenomics which helps in the accumulation of wealth even in a bear market. Some tokens end up charging a fee when investors purchase them which results in immediate financial loss. When investors are buying MoonBear Finance they will incur a 0% buying fee and they will end up receiving 100% of the MoonBear Finance that they paid for.

Investors will often get to see a sale in MoonBear Finance and whenever there is a sale about 2% of the number of tokens with the buyback feature is put forward for the future. Most of the other cryptocurrencies which have buyback features generally burn all the buyback tokens but with MoonBear Finance it is different because those tokens are put into staking reward pools.

MoonBear Finance is known to offer new rewards to the stakes and holders. In MoonBear Finance investors will be able to accumulate more MoonBear Finance simply by holding on to tokens and stakes so that they earn some additional stable rewards and get to receive quarterly ‘bear pay days’ from the buyback tokens.

MoonBear Finance

The black bear from Asia who is known as ‘moon bear’ is a medium-sized bear species that are only available in different parts of the Asia continent. These species of bears are on a verge of extinction because of deforestation of their habitat and human exploitation in bear farms.

Investing in MoonBear Finance investors will not only be MoonBear Finance token holders but also support the token’s ability to raise funds for the Moon bear cause. From every traction on MoonBear Finance, a 2% transaction charge is deducted which is put forward to donate towards the initiative to save and repopulate the entire moon bear species which are on the verge of extinction.

The tokenomics of MoonBear Finance is quite simple and easy to understand. For each transaction under MoonBear Finance, an 18% tax is applied which is then distributed in a total of eight parts. This fee will surely benefit all the token holders of MoonBear Finance and help incentivize the long-term holding. From the 18% tax, 3% is spent on marketing, and another 3% is spent on rewards. The remaining 12% is equally divided into six parts which are burning, holders, liquidity, buybacks, team, and charity.

MoonBear Finance has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 MBF. There is no seed or private sale for MoonBear Finance along with no initial token burn. This cryptocurrency does not have any initial team or advisor token. There are treasury tokens that are used for staking rewards and promotions.

In MoonBear Finance all the tokenomics has been set and the website has also been launched. The team of MoonBear Finance is growing at a steady pace and now they have a captain along with 9 other members in the team. The process of auditing has also been started and the team has also implemented its first marketing plan. The first audit has been completed and the team is now working on different listings of MoonBear Finance and the marketing strategy is running in the background. The shop will be built once they end up launching a few new products in the market. Soon there will be a new feature in the website in which investors will be able to earn additional rewards. MoonBear Finance is expanding quite rapidly in all spheres and soon there will be a need for their team members to be able to handle the extra work.

The website will be integrated with a bear charity voting feature. The shop is now functional but investors will only be able to purchase anything with Moonbear tokens. New listings will be added very soon along with the new NFT marketplace inside the website.

MoonBear Finance token details

The price of MoonBear Finance is at USD 0.000002 which has a 24-hour trading volume of USD 11, 343,24. Developers update the MBF to USD regularly. The prices of MoonBear Finance are down by 5.11% in the last 24 hours which gives investors a perfect opportunity to invest. MoonBear Finance is now ranked at 4150 since it is just starting. It is expected to climb up in ranking once all the features are live on the website. The circulating supply of MoonBear Finance is not available right now.

How to buy a MoonBear Finance token?

Investing in MoonBear Finance is quite similar to investing in any other cryptocurrency. Make sure to read the steps carefully before investing in MoonBear Finance.

Choosing an exchange

After deciding to invest in cryptocurrency the first thing that everyone needs to do is find a good exchange. There are multiple exchanges available in the market today. Most big exchanges have all the cryptocurrencies in the market. Make sure you check if the exchange is selling MoonBear Finance before finalizing.

Create an account

The next step is to set up an account on the exchange. This step is quite simple as all investors need to do is filling up their credentials and wait for the verification process to complete. Make sure that all the data given in the exchange are correct or else the account will not be verified.

Setup Payment

Once the account is verified investors will be asked to add their payment details so that they can make the purchase easy. Investors will be able to add their credit card, debit card, bank account, or bitcoin wallet. It is recommended to purchase MoonBear Finance with bitcoin or directly from a bank account because credit cards and debit cards end up adding an extra processing charge.

Make the purchase

Now simply add all the coins you want to purchase to your card and go ahead and make the purchase.

Choose a Wallet

In the next step users will have to set up a wallet to store the cryptocurrencies securely. There are multiple wallets available from which users can choose. Make sure to choose the wallet that suits you the most.

Store the MoonBear Finance

Now store all your coins in the wallet so that you can trade easily going forward.


MoonBear Finance is still in its early stages and this is the right time for the investors to jump in. Make sure to invest the amount of money you are comfortable with without expanding your budget. Your investment today might not look profitable now but it will surely make a lot of difference in the coming years. The potential of MoonBear Finance has attracted a lot of investors to invest in these early stages. The demand for MoonBear Finance is surely going to increase once the website is completely done.

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