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How To Buy The Marlin (POND) Coin?

Altcoin investors always search for profitable crypto assets. They want to acquire a large chunk of the ICO to become a part of the new ecosystem. Many blockchain-based platforms emerge every year. Very few of those platforms succeed to draw a huge number of investors. Therefore, their token prices never increase the way project founders predict.

Marlin (POND) is a recently launched open protocol. It is designed to offer an exceptional infrastructure for decentralized finance and Web 3.0. POND is the native token of the Marlin ecosystem.

It immediately became a popular choice among crypto investors after the launch in December 2020. This altcoin’s value is increasing exponentially and the credit goes to the solutions offered by the Marlin Protocol.

Let’s learn more about this new protocol to know whether you should invest in the POND coin or not.

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What is the Marlin Protocol?

Being an open protocol, Marlin is offering a programmable networking infrastructure for Web 3.0 and DeFi. All the nodes on this network are known as Metanodes which drive the MarlinVM.

The MalinVM offers the user a virtual router interface for performing edge computations and deploying tailored overlays. Developers can create the following overlays using MarlinVM:

  • Low-latency block multicast for blockchain scaling.
  • Low-latency mempool sync for investors who wish to exploit the current market inefficiencies
  • Anonymity networks
  • Mesh networks
  • API to Infura caching responses
  • Device optimization

There are quite a limited layer-0 projects working on network layer optimization. Marlin is one of them and it asserts to be on the same level of an incentivized libp2p. Thus, this network protocol becomes essential for any P2P app, which depends on networking between distributed nodes to operate smoothly.

Being blockchain-agnostic, Marlin offers solutions for many layer-1 and layer-2 platforms. Scalability trilemma does not affect this open protocol because progress in this network layer does not depend on constraints mainly governing consensus layers.

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The Marlin economy includes two tokens, MPOND and POND. MPOND’s supply is limited because there will be only 10,000 tokens. This platform is going to offer 10,000,000,000 POND tokens in total.

1 MPOND is equivalent to 1,000,000 POND coins. That’s how the conversion between these two tokens takes place. This platform has initially offered 4,623 MPOND tokens and 3,184,000,000 POND tokens. These coins have been distributed amongst the community and validators.

The above-given numbers will change over time because coin holders may convert their tokens using the bridge. All the Metanodes in the Marlin network must stake MPOND. It is a rewarding activity because they will receive staking rewards in the form of POND coins.

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Other use cases of POND

Staking POND coins is an important condition to be a participant in the Marlin network. This coin is also used for voting and governing decisions. Users will need this native coin to allocate network resources. Every user will gain POND coins as an incentive for sending and receiving data in the Marlin network.

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How to buy the POND coin?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two most popular cryptocurrencies and every crypto exchange accepts them. POND is a newly introduced altcoin. Its value is gradually increasing. However, it is still not listed on all the crypto exchanges.

It can be a bit daunting to find and buy this cryptocurrency if you haven’t bought a crypto asset before! Follow the below-given process to acquire Marlin POND without any trouble.

Set up your first account on a crypto exchange

You need to join a cryptocurrency exchange to buy the coin you like to use. There are several exchanges to choose from. Assess their bonus deals, registration process, operations, and functionality. Register only when you are satisfied with the performance and fees charged on transactions.

The joining process is identical to joining any other website. You have to provide your identity details and verify the given details to set up a crypto trading account. It will take just a few minutes and then you are all set to enjoy crypto trading.

Deposit funds

The exchange may provide some bonus funds, but you will need to deposit money to buy cryptocurrencies. Decide how much you can invest in the POND token and then make a deposit.

Remember, all crypto exchanges do not support fiat currency deposits. Some exchanges only accept a few selected fiat currencies. So, carefully check your local currency is accepted for fund deposit on the exchange.

Go to the fund deposit page, follow the standard process, and deposit your funds via credit card, debit card, or wire transfer. The crypto exchange will charge some fees for processing the transaction or it may also offer a deposit bonus!

Buy cryptocurrency

You will get bitcoin and many altcoins to choose from when you are buying your first cryptocurrency. Choose Bitcoin or Ethereum to own a widely traded crypto asset. The exchange will offer a secure wallet to store all your coins for trading.

Buy the POND coin

Buying the POND coin is quite easy once you got Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another popular cryptocurrency. Go to the exchange page and find the POND token. It might not be available on all the exchanges.

It’s a new token released in 2020 and many crypto exchanges haven’t listed it yet. So, don’t worry about it and search for a reputable altcoin exchange. Create an account there and transfer your crypto asset to that altcoin exchange.

Now, search for the POND coin on the exchange page and check the latest trading deals. Select the number of coins you want to acquire and then make the trade. That’s how you can buy the POND coin.

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What problem does the POND coin solve, and what are the coin’s investment prospects?

We have already explained how important the Marlin Network is for DeFi and Web 3.0. The POND coin offers decision making power in your hands. This token also has many use cases in the Marlin protocol.

Many network users and investors are going to seek this coin. You can stake it and make a huge profit by trading it. So, get it now!

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