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How to Buy the KISHU Coin?

Bitcoin was a unique digital asset when it first became popular. All the coins came after Bitcoin are known as altcoins. They also gained value, but not as much as Bitcoin gained. A new type of coin became popular nowadays. It is called the memecoin. Dogecoin is the best example of this unique crypto asset.

Kishu Inu is a newly introduced memecoin with a key objective. Is it a profitable digital asset to buy and store? Should you invest in Kishu Inu? Let’s find out.

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What is Kishu Inu?

Kishu Inu is a newly launched meme coin. It became popular as the little brother of $Doge and best friend of $HOKK. It is a decentralized crypto asset produced in April 2021. The creators have developed it as a decentralized meme project with a true objective.

Kishu aims to bring renowned crypto concepts to the mainstream so that people can understand them. This new coin introduces cutting-edge concepts, such as NFTs, frictionless yield, and truly decentralized exchanges to users.

The market cap of this new cryptocurrency has surpassed $2 billion within a month. Over 100,000 people have bought KISHU. No other altcoin became such popular and profitable this quickly in the past. Therefore, KISHU is slowly turning into a highly sought-after crypto asset. KISHU’s key products include:

KISHU token

It is an ERC20 token. All the Kishu Inu users will need this token to use this decentralized exchange. Users will pay certain fees whenever they swap their tokens. 2% of that fee will go to all the existing token holders. Thus, stakers can earn passive income just by holding this token.

Kishu Swap

It is a digital exchange where Kishu token holders can swap their cryptos for any other cryptocurrency. It lists only ERC-20 compatible tokens. Therefore, you can buy any crypto asset from Ethereum to other ERC20 coins.

Kishu Crate

It is an NFT marketplace, where token holders can stake their coins to earn non-fungible tokens. This platform offers a platform to artists from community contests. All the participating artists will gain funds from a small portion of Kishu staking fees.

Kishu Paw Print

This feature allows users to track the passive income they have gained by holding the native token. You can check token price, wallet balance, and many other things.


It is a merchandise store, where token holders and promote this new coin. It will help in growing the resale value of the token. Thus, more people will stake it and its value will increase rapidly.

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How to buy the KISHU coin?

The whitepaper reveals that there will be a total supply of 100,000,000.00 B KISHU coins. You can follow the below-explained process to buy this new memecoin.

Create an account on a crypto exchange

Choose one of many popular cryptocurrency exchanges to start crypto trading. Coinbase, Binance, etc. are some popular options. You can pick one of newly introduced decentralized crypto exchanges. Complete the KYC process and add funds, and then proceed ahead.

Buy Ethereum

The KISHU coin is an ERC-20 token. You can swap it for Ethereum, which is a popular cryptocurrency. Go to the exchange page and acquire this cryptocurrency for altcoin exchange.

Get the MetaMask wallet

This wallet is designed to store crypto assets securely. It offers the best security features to ERC20 tokens. Therefore, you will need it to store the KISHU coin if you do not want an online burglar to steal it.

Buy the KISHU coin

Go to KishuSwap because it is the official exchange for acquiring this crypto currency. Select the number of KISHU coins you want and then pay in Ethereum. Your ETH coins will be swapped for KISHU coins. That’s how you will acquire this exciting memecoin.

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What problem does the KISHU Coin solve, and what are the coin’s investment prospects?

Kishu Inu is one of newly launched memecoin. Unlike Dogecoin, it has true purpose to serve investors. Staking KISHU allows investors to earn passive income. It will be used for in Kishu’s native NFT marketplace and users will need it at Kishu Swap.

So, it’s quite a valuable token to acquire right now. Follow the process explained in this post to buy the KISHU coin at an affordable price.

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