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How to Buy the FULLSEND Coin?

Full Send has been introduced as a frictionless yield and deflationary smart contract protocol. It is going to charge 10% fee on each transaction once this protocol is active. 5% of that fee will be burned and 5% will be distributed as rewards.

This platform aims to use cutting-edge technologies to make crypto trading easier. Full Send’s trading application is under development. It is going to use its native FULLSEND token to fund the project. Users will need this cryptocurrency to use this protocol for their needs.

Newbie traders will enjoy working with Full Send. Therefore, it is expected to be one of the top trending tokens this year.

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What is Full Send and how does it work?

Millions of people are talking about cryptos, assessing their perks and drawbacks, but still they don’t invest in it. They still look these digital assets as something alien. Cryptocurrencies are quite valuable for those, who want to make a huge profit in the future.

The Full Send protocol team has set a mission to inspire new investors. It aims to draw more people to the crypto market and help them in making profitable investments. This platform is targeting everyone who wants to make a profitable investment. So, it is not just the hype but a dedicated effort to increase investments in the crypto industry.

Learn how to survive in this new landscape

You may have some idea about crypto trading, but do you know how to proceed in this new market. It is not any different than the traditional market, except assets are digital in this market.

Full Send will not only facilitate yield farming, but offer complete guidance for crypto investment. You can use this platform to learn some crucial investment tactics to follow. It will provide you with some iconic thoughts related to cryptocurrency trading. Essentially, you will understand what it takes to be successful in this market.

Developing a helping community

Every newbie crypto investor needs some help to understand this new market. It is an unfamiliar territory for many and it requires proper assessment to be successful. Full Send is going to be a community of both seasoned and new crypto investors.

People will use this platform to discuss investment tactics. Simple tutorials and additional help from seasoned traders will make every investment beneficial for you. It will be easy to find a profitable asset and buy it before it becomes too costly to acquire.

FULLSEND Tokenomics

Full Send is launching its Binance Smart Chain based FULLSEND token. It is token’s simplicity that makes it different from other crypto assets. There are no hidden addresses! The platform has sent LP tokens completely to a burn address. They are doing it to prevent any chance of a rug pull.

It is not a platform where the team of developers holds a large chunk of the total coin offerings. Every team member holds below 1.1% of total supply of tokens. In other words, large stake holders and developers won’t be able to pump and dump!

As mentioned before, this platform will charge 10% fee on each transaction. This fee will be used for rewarding and burning. That’s how this platform works and you can join it to learn crypto trading and make a huge profit.

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How to buy the Full Send coin?

There will be a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 tokens. 50,000,000,000,000 tokens will be used for future burns with 604,651,162,790,698 tokens reserved for precise allocation. The data is not available regarding the circulating supply of tokens. You can follow the below-given steps to acquire FULLSEND coins right now.

Buy the BNB coin

Yes, this guide will lead you to the FULLSEND coin. You cannot invest your money directly into this altcoin. Therefore, you have to buy another popular cryptocurrency, such as BNB.

First, you have to join a cryptocurrency exchange to buy the chosen cryptocurrency. Pick a popular exchange, such as Coinbase, Binance, etc. Create your account and add funds to your account.

Now, go to the exchange page and here you will find a wide range of crypto assets to choose from. Select the BNB coin because it is affordable and perfect to acquire a large chunk of the FULLSEND coin offering.

Pick the number of coins you want to buy and then complete the trade. It will take a while to process your order and then you will get the BNB coin to buy FULLSEND.

Join Binance

Binance is the world’s leading altcoin exchange. This decentralized finance is built on the Binance Smart Chain. So, you should join this exchange and complete the KYC process if required.

Link your crypto wallet to your account. This wallet is a secure app used by millions of crypto holders to securely store their coins. So, get it and link it to Binance. Now, Go to the exchange page and search for the FULLSEND coin.

Look for pairs with the BNB token and then select the number of coins you want to acquire. It will show how many BNB coins you need to swap to acquire the required number of FULLSEND coins.

Hold your FULLSEND coins

The FULLSEND coin is one of the most valuable assets you can buy today for crypto trading. You should invest in it if you are going to hold it for a long time. All the token holders will receive rewards from Full Send.

This platform will charge 10% tax on each transaction. 5% of that tax will be distributed among the token holder. So, it is a profitable deal to hold the FULLSEND coin. It will be a source of passive income for you!

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What problem does the FULLSEND coin solve, and what are the coin’s investment prospects?

Many people think about investing in cryptocurrencies. They do not try it because they have no knowledge about how things work in the crypto market. Full Send aims to be a platform where newbie investors can learn all the crucial tactics of crypto trading.

It will be one of a few platforms where thousands of newbies will collaborate to find the best crypto investment opportunities. It will develop a community that serves new investors. All the users will need the FULLSEND coin to exploit the services offered here.

This coin has limited supply and it will be burned to develop the platform in the future. Therefore, its scarcity can make it quite a valuable asset in the future.

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Full Send is a unique decentralized finance platform. It is built for new crypto investors and rewards all the coin holders. So, join it if you are looking for a cutting-edge platform to generate passive income.

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