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How to Buy the FEG Token?

The cryptocurrency market has recently flooded with new coins. You must be wondering which coin can turn into the next big thing in the upcoming few years. It is not so tough to speculate! You have to assess the platform, its key objective, and key features. Thus, you will learn whether the new cryptocurrency can survive or not.

FEG is a newly launched cryptocurrency. It has quickly become a valuable asset for crypto investors. Should you buy it or not? Let’s reveal the answer.

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What is the FEG coin?

It is a deflationary coin on both BSC and ERC-20 blockchains. The combined circulating supply of token is 100 quadrillion. The founders have launched 50 quadrillion coins on each blockchain. Whenever a user buys, sells, or transfers this coin, he will pay a tax for the transaction.

A 1% of that tax will be burned and 1% will be redistributed among token holders. This is how this decentralized platform is going to reward token holders. It will eventually reduce the circulating supply of the token and its demands will increase. Consequently, this token will become more valuable with time.

Fully decentralized token

Founders had renounced the ownership of this platform at the launch. Thus, it became a fully decentralized finance platform. Now, the FEG community is responsible for all developments, communications, and marketing campaigns. Every user in the FEG community is now responsible for the success of this platform.

Aiming to introduce some innovative products

The FEGtoken platform has some innovative products under development. These products will be released in the future to entertain millions of users for their demands. There will be platforms for NFTs, centralized and decentralized exchanges, and gaming platforms. The FEG coin will be used as a native currency on all the new platforms. Therefore, it’s going to be an important asset for the FEG community.

Partnered with PASA

FEG stands for Feed Every Gorilla! This platform is not only providing users with the next-gen DeFi solutions but also donating to PASA. The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance receives a donation of $750 from FEG whenever a user makes the donation up to the mentioned amount.

This platform offers you a direct link to donate funds in BNB, FEG, or ETH. This fund is used to take care of African wildlife and people, who take care of those animals.

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How to buy the FEG coin?

FEG is a new cryptocurrency and it is already listed on various altcoin exchanges. It is not a cryptocurrency you can buy by paying the value in fiat money. You must own a cryptocurrency to swap for the FEG coin. So, follow this step-by-step guide to get the job done!

Join a cryptocurrency exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange is a secure web portal, where you can find and buy all types of cryptocurrencies. Beginners should choose an exchange that facilitates fiat-to-crypto trading service.

The registration process will be similar to the process you follow when joining a social media platform. Provide the required information and then complete the KYC if the exchange asks! Thus, you will be a verified member of the vast crypto industry.

Buy a cryptocurrency

You need funds to buy a cryptocurrency. So, add money to your trading account and buy BNB or ETH. Both crypto assets are cheaper than Bitcoin and you can easily swap them for the FEG coin. So, select the amount of coins you want and buy them immediately.

Download a cryptocurrency wallet

You use a physical wallet to secure your fiat money. Similarly, you need a digital wallet to store your valuable crypto assets. Pick any Ethereum blockchain based wallet online. Download it and transfer your funds to that wallet. Now, you are just one step away from buying the FEG coin.

Buy the FEG coin

You may not find the FEG coin on a fiat-to-crypto exchange. So, go to Uniswap, Pancakeswap, or FEGEX. You have to connect your wallet to the chosen exchange for swapping your cryptocurrency. So, connect it and then select the token you hold in your wallet.

Pick the number of coins you want to invest in the FEG coin and make the trade. Thus, you will buy the FEG coin and get it transferred to your secure wallet.

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What problem does FEG coin solve, and what are the coin’s investment prospects?

The FEG coin is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency. It rewards token holders and shows a straightforward roadmap to success in future. Invest in it if you wish to make a huge profit without making any trade. Just buy it and hold it to gain passive income.

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The FEG token is a promising investment opportunity. It is cheap, reliable, and it got the potential to be a valuable cryptocurrency. Its success depends on how long an investor holds this coin to reduce coin circulation. You have already learned how to acquire this token. So, get it now!

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