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How to Buy the Dogey-Inu “DINU” Token?

The cryptocurrency market has become more versatile than it was ever before. A variety of coins are available for investment. Decentralized finance platforms are providing many exciting coins to multiply your investment in a short span.

Dogecoin was first a joke, but it benefited many investors in the recent time. Now, Dogey-Inu is emerging as the new alternative to memecoins. Continue reading to reveal what this new token is and how it can benefit you as an investor.

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What is Dogey-Inu?

Being a decentralized payment platform experiment, Dogey-Inu is performing quite well. You are not going to find any roadmap for the development of this platform because it is a community-drive token.

All the DINU investors will participate in the progress and success of this platform. Whenever a Dogey-Inu member wants to propose a new improvement, he will have to burn his DINU coins. Other community members will then vote for the change or against the change.

Every investor and community member is responsible for the growth of this platform. Unlike the Dogecoin, Dogey-Inu has the potential to be an entertaining destination for all the crypto investors.

60% of all the DINU tokens are reserved for Vitalik Buterin burn. They have locked liquidity for 79 years to ensure tokens aren’t misused to damage the image of this new DeFi platform. There was a fair token launch and distribution.

There were 1 quadrillion DINU tokens and 60% of the total supply was reserved for Vitalik Buterin’s wallet. The rest tokens have been available for public purchase on Uniswap. You can buy this token right now if you also want to invest in the DINU coin.

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How to buy the DINU coin?

Dogey-Inu has launched its native token “DINU” in April 2021. It has drawn many memecoin and Dogecoin fans. Follow the below-given steps if you also want to buy and hold a fair share of DINU tokens.

Sign-up to a cryptocurrency exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange is a digital platform, where you can buy and sell all your crypto assets. Beginners should search for a fiat-to-crypto trading platform. Find the best service provider in your country and join it.

The registration process will take a few minutes and you might also need to complete the KYC verification process. Add funds to your crypto trading account after completing the joining process. Now, follow the next step.

Buy a cryptocurrency

It is not the DINU cryptocurrency! You won’t find it on a fiat-to-crypto exchange because DINU is an altcoin. You should look for Ethereum or Bitcoin. These two are the most popular crypto assets. You can exchange these assets for almost any altcoin you like. So, buy Ethereum and transfer it to a secure wallet.

You will need a cryptocurrency wallet, a cutting-edge app designed to protect expensive crypto assets. Get it and then transfer your Ethereum coins to that wallet.

Buy the DINU coin

You got Ethereum on your wallet and now you are all set to acquire a chunk of DINU’s total supply. Go to Uniswap, where you can find the DINU token at a fair price. Now, swap the selected number of ETH coins for DINU tokens. You are going to acquire a huge number of DINUs for one ETH coin. Therefore, it is a beneficial deal.

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What problem does the Dogey Inu coin solve, and what are the coin’s investment prospects?

Dogey Inu is a decentralized payment platform experiment. It can become whatever the community votes for. No other decentralized platform is currently offering such power to users, who have a vision for the growth of the platform. Therefore, DINU is quite an interesting project to develop for a huge profit in future.

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