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How to Buy the Bezoge Earth Coin?

There were just a few cryptocurrencies a decade ago. Now, the crypto market is flooded with numerous coins. Each coin has been introduced to fulfill a purpose. Investors find some tokens beneficial and acquire them. The rest remain unknown and for a while and then vanish from the market.

The recent few months have been quite interesting because a new type of coin has emerged. It is called the memecoin and it is quite different from traditional cryptocurrencies. Bezoge Earth is one of newly launched memecoins. It is similar to the Dogecoin, but it promises more benefits. Continue reading to reveal whether you should buy it or not.

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What is the Bezoge Earth coin?

The BEZOGE Earth is an ERC-20 token. The maximum supply of this token is 100,000,000,000,000,000, but 50% of them have been burned forever. Now, only 50% coins are available out there, but not all of them are acquirable.

As the website states, 50% of its native coins have been burned to honor those who got killd in an explosion. About 44% tokens of the total supply are kept into liquidity. These tokens are going to be locked forever because Bezoge does not require extra money.

The team responsible for developing this platform and its native token will get 3% of all the tokens. The website reveals that its low-budget team has worked hard to make this project a reality. Therefore, each team member has been incentivized with a tiny share of tokens.

The Bezoge treasure holds 3% tokens and 1% Bezoge coin will burned after each transaction. This platform is going to redistribute 1% tokens among all the coin holders. So, if you hold a considerable number of BEZOGE coins, you can earn good profit just by holding this coin.

All the staking rewards are transferred automatically. Therefore, you might like to acquire and hold a chunk of all the coins offered by Bezoge.

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How to buy the BEZOGE coin?

Even though 50% of all the coins are burned forever, there is a huge supply of BEZOGE tokens to acquire. You can have a fair share of tokens at quite an affordable price right now. Follow the below-given steps to buy this token immediately:

Join a crypto exchange

The Bezoge memecoin is quite new and it is available on some limited crypto exchanges. It might be tough to find an exchange where you can trade this coin for your native fiat currency.

Therefore, you have to sign up to a popular crypto exchange to acquire a popular digital asset, such Ethereum. You will use it to acquire the Bezoge coin.

Select the best cryptocurrency exchange operating in your country. Complete the registration process and add funds.

Purchase Ethereum

Ethereum or ETH is probably the best digital asset to swap for the Bezoge coin. Go to the exchange page and search ETH in a pair with your native fiat currency, such as ETH/USD. Select the number of coins you need and then buy it. You will get the bought cryptocurrency within a few minutes.

Transfer Ethereum to a secure wallet

You are going to need a safe place to store your Ethereum. Pick a digital wallet, known as a cryptocurrency wallet. These are programs designed to offer robust security. Pick a program with a great track record of securing users’ cryptocurrencies. Download the wallet and then transfer your Ethereum coins to that wallet.

Buy the Bezoge Earth coin

44% of Bezoge’s total supply is in Uniswap’s liquidity pool. You have to download the Uniswap app to buy this cryptocurrency. Download the app and then link your cryptocurrency wallet. Now, select the number of Bezoge Earth coins you want to buy and hold and then make the swap. You will get acquired coins within 3-5 minutes.

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What problem does the Bezoge Earth coin solve, and what are the coin’s investment prospects?

It is a memecoin. It is beneficial for people, who are impressed with the recent performance of other memcoins. It can be another successful cryptocurrency and it may double your investment in a short span.

Buy it now if you want to earn profit in terms of rewards and also by selling the Bezoge coin at a much higher price.

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