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How To Buy The Badger Dao (BADGER) Coin?

Many fintech experts are now working on decentralized finance platforms. This innovative solution promises the elimination of barriers.

It has been quite daunting for BTC holders to find a mature, secure, and reliable bridge to move this cryptocurrency to a DeFi platform in Ethereum. The risk of exploitation is always there! There is more than $600 billion worth of under-utilized Bitcoin to unlock. It will be possible only by building a community-owned, trustless, and user-friendly infrastructure!

The Badger Dao is providing exactly what Bitcoin investors want. It promises to offer the best solution for moving Bitcoin faster than ever before. Let’s reveal how effective Badger Dao’s solution is for your demands.

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What is Badger DAO?

DAO stands for decentralized automated organization and Badger is one of the fastest-growing DAOs. This open-source platform is committed to creating infrastructure and products to simplify Bitcoin uses as collateral.

It is not only targeting Ethereum but also several other smart contract platforms. It provides the developer with a shared space, where they are known as Badger builders. It is their primary objective to provide BTC as collateral on as many blockchains as possible.

Badger builders gain great incentives for their efforts. Every user pays a fee for using Badger DAO’s services. A percentage of that fee is used to reward Badger Builders. Developers also gain the Badger Token whenever they complete a new job.

Whether you are a single developer, a team of smart people, or a company, you can work on Badger’s open-source platform. It welcomes anyone with the skills required for the job. It has launched the Badger token for governance and other important purposes.

Badger token details

This platform is committed to making product development open-source, transparent, and fair from the beginning. It has launched its native crypto coin Badger with no intrinsic value. However, it is a governance token. Every Badger DAO user must hold it to take advantage of services offered on this platform.

This token’s popular use cases include the following:

  • Liquidity provision
  • Staking in the Sett vault
  • Minting
  • NFT users would also prefer to hold the Badger coin to gain profit from capital gains

Badger coin distribution

Badger DAO’s native coin is distributed in the following way:

  • 4.83 million coins are reserved for liquidity mining
  • 3.15 million tokens are reserved for developer mining
  • 7.35 million tokens are reserved for the DAO treasury
  • Bitcoin core developers can gain 420 thousand coins
  • 2.1 million coins are owned by the founding team

Sett and DIGG are two major products introduced by the Badger DAO platform. Sett works as a DeFi aggregator and DIGG operates as a non-custodial synthetic on the Ethereum or Bitcoin blockchain.

Both products have some unique features that make bitcoin movement faster and much easier. Many people from the crypto industry will try the solutions offered by Badger DAO open-source platform. Consequently, the Badger coin can become quite a valuable crypto asset!

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How to buy the Badger Coin?

How to buy the Badger Coin?

The Badger Dao wants to increase the movement of Bitcoin as collateral on other blockchains. Many badger builders will use this open-source platform to develop their unique products. It will also require the Badger coin, which is currently available for purchase. Follow the below-given steps to buy this coin.

Create an account on a crypto exchange

The Badger token is an altcoin, available only on some altcoin exchanges. Seasoned crypto investors know how to find and buy this token. Newbies may face some troubles in acquiring this coin.

First, you should create an account on a renowned cryptocurrency exchange. Go to the exchange, click on the join button, and fill in all the details to join the exchange. Some exchanges require the user to complete their KYC. Complete it if your exchange also asks for this verification process.

Deposit fiat currency

Fiat-to-crypto exchanges accept fiat deposits. You can deposit funds in the USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, and many other fiat currencies. Check whether you can deposit funds in your local currency or not. If not, then join another exchange where you can easily deposit funds and join the exchange.

Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum

Beginners should always invest their money in Bitcoin or Ethereum. These two are the most widely traded digital assets in the crypto industry. Go to the exchange page on your crypto exchange and check the latest price of BTC, ETH, or some other popular cryptocurrency. Select the number of coins you want to acquire and then make the trade.

You will get the purchased BTCs, ETHs, or other cryptos transferred to your crypto wallet within a few minutes. Decentralized exchanges process the payment and transfer of crypto assets pretty fast. They also charge a small fee for their services.

Buy the BADGER altcoin

Revisit the exchange page on your cryptocurrency exchange and search the BADGER coin. It won’t appear on certain exchanges, which provide only crypto-to-fiat or fiat-to-crypto services.

Open a new tab on your web browser and search for a popular altcoin exchange. Binance, Bitmex, Coinbase, etc. will appear in the search results. All these altcoin exchanges have listed the Badger coin.

Join the exchange, transfer your cryptocurrency to the new crypto wallet or use your existing wallet to buy Badger coin on the new exchange. The trading page will show available trading pairs for the Badger coin. Select the number of coins you want to buy and complete the trade. Thus, you will get Badger coins in your crypto wallet within a few minutes.

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What problem does the Badger DAO (BADGER) coin solve, and what are the coin’s investment prospects?

The Badger decentralized autonomous organization promises to deliver products, which will increase Bitcoin’s movement across various blockchains as collateral. This platform is going to launch a series of products created by Badger Builders.

The value of the Badger coin will increase with the growing needs for Badger DAO’s products. Therefore, this native governance coin can become quite valuable in the future. Stakers and liquidity providers can gain huge benefits by holding this token.

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