We constantly search for writers passionate about creating interesting content for readers. Our team already includes guest bloggers that frequently add new topics to our rapidly growing blog section.

Our blog provides innovative tips, ideas, and a comprehensive guide on many topics. We are looking for writers who can entertain our readers and provide valuable information on the topics that interest them.

We appreciate efforts made by writers to ensure our blog section feature new topics whenever a reader checks it. Unique, grammatically perfect, and entertaining posts not only help us but also bloggers who want to reach audiences beyond geographical limits.

Now, you can create and publish guest posts at bitcointester.com without paying any penny!

You have to follow the below-given procedure to submit and publish your guest posts:

Contact us:

You can use the “Contact Us” form provided on the website to get in touch or use our Email ID. Our team will respond quickly to entertain your request.

Submit the article:

You have to create a doc file and copy the article to that file with at least 1 image. Mention the category of the article before submitting it as a guest for publishing.


Our team will thoroughly assess your post as you submit the article with the required details. If your article follows our guest post guidelines, we will publish it. You will receive its live link and you can use it to promote your work!

We are going to share your guest post on various social media platforms. It will help us draw more visitors to your blog and provide your post with better exposure, inbound links, and credibility.

It is our top priority to promote high-quality content. Therefore, we only accept blogs or articles written in flawless English.

We allow writers to place only 1 relevant link. Our team immediately rejects articles containing poor-quality filler-type content.

Suppose you submit an article with old, spun, or uninformative content, we won’t publish it! We are happy to work with writers committed to their work and trying to share something new through their content.

Content Categories:

We try to cover almost all niches in our blog. Your article must fall under one of the following categories (We Don’t Publish Sex, Gambling, Adult content).

  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
  • Online Innovation
  • Technology
  • Computer & Internet
  • And more…

Make sure you write blogs and articles that convey a valuable message to readers. The article must display you have experienced issues and now found a solution. It should showcase you have a complete grasp of the topic and it can meet the reader’s needs!


  • Submit fresh and unique articles to publish on our site.
  • Ensure your article is informative and non-promotional. We will reject your blog if it promotes a company, a person, or a brand!
  • We can edit and remove blogs or articles if they seem plagiarized.
  • Be creative and entertaining to attract more readers!
  • We prohibit writers from publishing the article on other sites and their blogs!
  • We recommend writers use a top-rated plagiarism tool before submitting the post for publication.
  • Make sure your post contains a relevant image and link.
  • You can add only 1 Do-Follow backlink and articles with more links will be rejected!

Bitcointester Team