Many people across the globe are looking for a simpler way of spending their cryptocurrencies. They want to be able to spend their Bitcoins to buy things from the local market and pay their bills. Very few platforms are trying to make it possible for cryptocurrency holders. Cryptopay is one of them.

Cryptopay is offering a simple method of spending bitcoins across the globe. It is providing a prepaid card, which you can use to spend cryptos in the simplest way. It is like your regular debit card, but way more beneficial and it works globally.

The C.Pay prepaid card isn’t one of a kind. People got some exciting choices in such cryptocurrency prepaid cards. Why the C.Pay card is better than others? How does it work? Let’s reveal the answer!

What Is the C.Pay Prepaid Card?

The C.Pay prepaid card is a Visa card. This card is available for all the verified users, who belong to Europe and the UK. Cryptopay has designed this card to allow users to spend cryptocurrencies like fiat money.

There are millions of merchants who accept Visa card. Users can use their C.Pay Visa Card to make payments on all those POS systems. Hundreds of online retail sites accept this card because it instantly converts your crypto assets into fiat money.

Being a globally accepted card, the C.Pay Prepaid Card is a perfect solution for frequent travelers. Order one right now to pay for your shopping and bills without exchanging currencies.

How does the C.Pay Prepaid Card work?

Cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH, etc. are quite popular nowadays. People still can’t use these digital currencies for buying goods and services. This issue has troubled people for a long time and the C.Pay prepaid card has resolved it.

This card can be used to make a payment anywhere Visa is accepted. It comes with great spending limits and it is quite easy to manage. You get a dedicated app to manage your crypto funds and card.

Cryptopay is offering two types of cards, which are as follows:

Plastic card

You can use the C.Pay plastic card to make payments through a point-of-sale system that accepts Visa cards. This card allows you to make ATM withdrawals anywhere in the world. Your cryptocurrencies convert in the local currency and you get it to pay for the services you use.

It is quite an affordable card for people looking for a cost-effective way of spending cryptos for daily needs. Affordable withdrawal charges, cost-effective maintenance fees, and free delivery make this card a perfect choice for cryptocurrency investors.

Virtual card

This card comes with an additional layer of security. This Visa verified card is great for big purchases. It allows you to spend up to €30,000 in a single transaction through this card. Therefore, it’s a great choice for online shoppers and traders.

This is a free card, but you have to pay a fee for loading and unloading. Affordable deposit, withdrawal, and Forex fee make this card quite useful for cryptocurrency owners.

Cryptopay charges only €1 monthly fee and it’s pretty affordable for every cryptocurrency user. However, some other crypto debit cards have no monthly or annual fee. You will have to pay €5 when you apply for the plastic card. This fee is not charged if you use the virtual card.

The issuance fee is pretty low in comparison to issuance fees charged by other companies. You will be paying a €2.50 fee whenever you make a withdrawal in a domestic ATM. Cryptopay charges €3.50 whenever a user withdraws money in a foreign country.

Where can you use the C.Pay Prepaid Card?

You can use your Cryptopay card in more than 100 countries across the globe. Its service area includes all the popular countries people visit for holidays and doing business. Besides, it is a Visa card and it works in all the online/offline shops that accept Visa card payments.

Unfortunately, US-based cryptocurrency users can’t use this card at the moment. The C.Pay team is constantly trying to enter the USA to serve more crypto enthusiasts. There is no need to worry if your country is not on Cryptopay’s list because it will be soon there. You can still get and use the virtual card to pay in cryptocurrencies.

A user can deposit up to €8,000 per day and withdraw up to €400 every day. These limits apply to every C.Pay Card user. So, if you are planning to buy something, you should make a card payment. ATM withdrawals have a limit, but it does not impose a limit on paying through the plastic card.

Visa assures you that your card will work wherever you go. You get the best exchange rates whenever you withdraw the money from a local or international ATM. Therefore, you don’t need a traditional money exchange to get the local currency, when you hold the C.Pay card.

Is C.Pay Prepaid Card safe?

Cryptopay is offering one of the safest prepaid cryptocurrency cards. It has collaborated with Visa to improve the card’s safety features. Just like your debit card, it got a unique card number and pin. People won’t be able to access your crypto assets through the card if you don’t share the pin.

Besides, the C.Pay wallet got exceptional protection. This app got the best defence against cryptocurrency thieves. They will never be able to break the walls to steal your funds. However, security experts suggest users use different passwords for the wallet and the registered email ID. Thus, it won’t be possible for a hacker to gain access to your card.

Protecting your crypto assets

You can manage your cryptocurrencies through the official website or get a mobile wallet. It is the official Cryptopay app, which you can use to acquire cryptocurrencies and trade them. The world’s leading crypto exchanges accept the wallet.

Automated fraud prevention system:

Cryptopay’s automated fraud prevention systems monitor users’ activities 24-7. Highly sophisticated programs monitor your transactions to ensure you get a smooth trading experience. Each transaction gets a risk score immediately.

The C.Pay management also monitors financial activity patterns to assess and neutralize the threat. Suppose the C.Pay team finds your account or card is compromised, it takes immediate action to protect your crypto assets. Fraudsters won’t get access to your valuable digital assets when a team of experts is protecting your card and cryptos.

Why the C.Pay Prepaid Card is better than regular bank cards?


The C.Pay Visa card allows you to spend cryptocurrency like fiat money. Regular bank cards do not support cryptos. You can only use your regular bank card to spend Euros, Pounds, Dollars, or other fiat currencies. This card will never hold more than one type of currency. The card on the other hand holds Bitcoin and several altcoins.

It is quite convenient to manage and use cryptocurrencies through a top-rated card and wallet. Cryptopay offers that card for spending cryptos and a safe wallet to manage your funds. Traditional financial institutions won’t offer such services!

Globally accepted

There are more than 107 countries where you can acquire the C.Pay Prepaid Card. These countries allow citizens to pay through cryptocurrencies. Your cryptos will convert into fiat when you will withdraw the money from an ATM. It will take just a few seconds to complete the process.

You would love to carry this card with you whenever you go to an international destination. This card will eliminate the need for exchanging your currency. Just find an ATM and withdraw the money. Regular bank debit cards do not work when you try to withdraw money from a foreign location!

Exceptional security

Cryptopay uses the best technology to protect users’ information, funds, and cards. Suppose you lose your card, use the official C.Pay app to block it. Unblock it when you retrieve the card.

You get both virtual and plastic cards. Both are Visa cards and Visa is globally admired for its security features. Blocking and unblocking regular bank cards take time. You have to call customer service, request the action, and then the process completes. An unauthorized person can steal the money during this period. cards are much safer and reliable. You will never worry about losing your funds because you and the management team will protect the card.

Wrapping Up

Cryptopay is still not offering its crypto debit card service in the USA. It is one of the UK’s leading cryptocurrency debit card provider company. It serves over 450,000 people and 87,000 of them are currently using the Visa debit card offered by this company.

It takes just a few minutes to apply for the card. You will have to complete the KYC and C.Pay will issue the virtual card immediately. The plastic card may take some time, but there is no delivery charge. Such minor perks make Cryptopay prepaid card perfect for every cryptocurrency user.