Cryptocurrencies are ready to make day-to-day transactions easier. Globally accepted crypto assets allow users to travel across the globe without exchanging fiat money. Peer-to-peer transactions, cheap transaction fees, and secrecy make crypto transactions perfect.

People are already trading these digital assets online. Now, Crypterium is offering a simple way of spending your cryptos for your daily needs. It is providing you with the Crypterium Visa Card!

This card allows you to pay all your bills online and offline in cryptos. It immediately converts your digital assets into fiat money so that you can spend them conveniently. Is the Crypterium Visa Card better than the cards offered by other companies? Let’s find out!

What is the Crypterium Visa Card?

Crypterium is offering quite innovative solutions. The Visa card is one of several services offered by crypterium. Users get it with a secure wallet to hold their digital currencies. You can use this app on your desktop and mobile device.

This card has been designed to allow users to spend Bitcoins and altcoins for their daily shopping needs. This card is available for users from more than 65 countries, including the USA. You can even use it to send bank transfers through the app and this card is an integral part of that app. Therefore, it is quite beneficial for users.

Visa and Crypterium came together to make crypto spending easier for the clients

Crypterium has always tried to make cryptocurrencies an integral part of people’s daily life. It needed a way to make it simpler for clients to spend their cryptos daily. Therefore, this platform has collaborated with Visa to achieve that goal.

This platform has already got an award-winning crypto wallet for its users. Now, its debit card has impressed thousands of users. Over 500,000 users will benefit from Crypterium’s globally accepted payment solution. It is an affordable cryptocurrency card! Experts believe it will eliminate all the barriers for crypto-asset holders.

It’s an affordable way of spending cryptocurrencies!

Many people were not investing in cryptocurrencies because they couldn’t spend it like fiat money. Banks provide users with prepaid cards to make easy payments. Crypterium picked the same concept and offered its crypto debit card. It is available for free of cost and quite affordable.

Visa ensures that the user can use this card on most of its POS points. So, your cryptocurrencies won’t be just digital assets. You can rely on this card to pay most of your bills and transfer money. You will receive this card for free if you hold the CRPT tokens launched by Crypterium.

How does the Crypterium Visa Card work?

Crypterium has distributed more than 30,000 Visa cards till the date. It is processing over 1 million transactions monthly. There are over 65 countries where you can use this card, including the USA. If you are a US citizen looking for a similar solution, this is the card to choose.

This Visa card works at POS system where merchants accept Visa cards. As you already know, Visa offers its services across the globe. You will be able to use this card to deal with more than 42 million offline and online retailers.

Supported cryptocurrencies

This card supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many altcoins. It also supports Euro and several other fiat currencies. The user does not need to go to an exchange to turn his cryptos into fiat money. Use this card and the exchange will take place immediately.

This card helps you in saving time. You get the best exchange rates for your digital assets. Thus, you never lose that hard-earned crypto for cheap prices.

Card fees

You have to pay a small fee of $2.99 per month to keep your Visa card active. It’s quite an affordable fee for using a unique payment solution. Crypterium does not charge any issuance fee! Users only pay €14.99 for the card’s delivery. Some users also call it a delivery fee, but it’s more like the issuance fee.

Do not worry about deposit limits because there is no minimum deposit limit. You have to maintain cryptocurrencies in your linked crypto account to keep the card active. This platform does not take any top-up commission or spending commissions. Therefore, it’s quite beneficial for cardholders.

Card limits

Crypterium currently allows its Visa card users to withdraw up to €2,500 each month from ATMs. You can use this card to spend up to €10,000 in cryptocurrencies. These spending limits can increase in the future as more people try this card.

Where can you use the Crypterium Visa Card?

Crypterium has collaborated with Visa to serve users from all over the world. It is currently available for users from more than 65 countries. However, you cannot use this card in countries like North Korea, Cuba, Sudan, Syria, and some others.

There are more than 42 million online and offline retailers and service providers accepting the Crypterium Visa Card. It will be a rare occasion if you find a merchant who doesn’t accept this card. It is transforming the way people spend their digital money. Therefore, all the developed, developing, and underdeveloped nations will support this card.

Is the Crypterium Visa Card safe to use?

Many people have lost their valuable crypto assets due to the poor security offered by the wallet issuing company. Crypterium has never faced such an issue. It has always chosen top-notch technologies to protect user’s private information and their assets.

You can easily manage your card through the Crypterium Wallet, which you get as an app. This app got the best security features and it works on both Android and iOS devices. You can easily block or unblock your card whenever it is stolen.

This wallet also allows you to change the security pin and trace all the amount you spend through the card. So, you will never worry about how and where crypto assets have gone.

Crypterium uses BitGo’s service to insure the card and keep it. Besides, this card got all the safety features offered by Visa. Therefore, you should rest assured that your funds are safe and no unauthorized person can access them.

How the Crypterium Visa Card is better than regular bank cards?

You might be using a regular bank card for many years. You might also be familiar with the issues and challenges that come with an ordinary credit or debit card. Although Crypterium isn’t offering any specific reward, impressive cashback makes it an appealing choice. You get the following perks with this card, which a regular bank card doesn’t offer.

Instant issuance of the virtual card

You can get a virtual card immediately after applying for the card. Download and install the Crypterium wallet, choose the type of card, fill in the required details, pay for the delivery, and get the card activated. It is quite a straightforward process and it takes just a few minutes to activate the card.

There is no traditional bank or financial institution, which is currently offering such a fast service. You have to wait several days to open an account and get a debit card. Therefore, Crypterium’s solution seems much better!

Globally accepted!

You can rely on this unique debit card to make payment anywhere across the globe. There are a few countries, where it doesn’t work and it won’t be a big issue. The world’s leading nations allow visitors and citizens to use this card for paying bills and shopping.

It is okay if you aren’t carrying enough fiat money to buying something unique in a foreign location. Find a Visa ATM, withdraw the money, and spend it. Your regular bank card doesn’t work in this way. You have to exchange currencies if you are spending fiat money. That’s when you realize the Crypterium Visa Card is more convenient.

Easy to manage

People usually rely on their bank when it comes to protecting the account and card. Suppose you lose a traditional bank card, you will have to contact the bank to block it. The bank will take time to process your request and you may lose a lot of money.

Cryptorium allows cardholders to manage the card through their wallet. You can block and unblock your Visa card in a few seconds. Besides, you can use the app to keep the track of your expenditure. Therefore, it’s a better solution.

Affordable and reliable

You pay quite an affordable fee to maintain the card. Other similar cards charge a hefty fee and they don’t offer instant conversion of cryptos to pay for daily needs. You can use this card to pay for the services and withdraw money from the ATMs. Therefore, it’s better and quite reliable.

Wrapping Up

The Crypterium Visa Card is still not available in many countries. The Crypterium team is eager to expand the service area and serve more customers. So, the cardholders will be able to spend their cryptos on many new international destinations in a few months.

Regular bank cards are quite useless when it comes to spending cryptocurrencies. Therefore, every crypto asset holder should try this new debit card offered by Cryptorium.