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Cocktail: It’s Not Just a Drink Anymore in the Crypto Market

Millions of investors all across the globe are looking to invest their money in the crypto market. Most of the investors are breaking all their stock portfolios and converting them into cryptocurrency assets. This has helped in the rapid growth of the crypto market. With the growing crypto market, a team based in California has come out with a new token called COcktail which is quite promising.

Cocktail is a perfectly new way for users to invest in cryptocurrency. It has helped in revolutionizing token automatically rewards holders simply with help of dividends from a vast variety of currencies. Users will be able to choose their reward from LINK (Pegged), MATIC (Pegged), XLM (Pegged), DOGE (Pegged), ADA (Pegged), ETH (Pegged), BTC (Pegged), CAKE, SAFEMOON, COCKTAIL, BUSD, and BNB. All users need to do is simply create a source of passive income which allows the investors to earn their rewards with a variety of cryptocurrencies which are further diversifying all the portfolios without having to invest a huge sum of capital.

According to the head of Marketing at Cocktail it is one of the best NFT platforms available in the market which users should try if they are looking to expand in the NFT market. Since NFT’s are the next big thing in the crypto world, Cocktail has gained a lot of attention and some big investors have lined up with their cash. With the help of Cocktail an average investor will be able to turn themselves into a big large-scale investor in a very short period.

Cocktail Token

Cocktail is a new and unique way of investing in cryptocurrency. The token Cocktail automatically rewards holders with dividends now and then with a variety of currencies.

Cocktail token details

The price of Cocktail today is $0.00134236 which has a 24-hour trading volume of $12,053. The price of Cocktail has gone down by -1.4% in the past 24 hours. The circulating supply of Cocktail right now is absolutely zero with a total supply of 1 Billion. When Cocktail will be launching they will be implementing quite a unique system that has attracted so many investors so early on. The BNB/BUSD reward pool ends up accumulating during any sales or purchase which is based on volume. All the holders will end up receiving BUSD or BNB automatically to their crypto wallets every 20-60 minutes.

How to buy a Cocktail token?

In today’s day and age investing in cryptocurrency and buying Cocktail has become quite an easy process. Here we have listed down a few of the steps which users need to follow to purchase Cocktail.

Choose an exchange account

It is important to choose an exchange in the first place before thinking about investing in crypto because the exchange is where the purchase will be possible. There are multiple exchanges available in the market. It is upon the buyer to decide which exchange suits them the most. Most exchanges have Cocktail available to purchase but checking before setting up an account never hurts.

Setting up an account

The next step is quite simple and all users need to do is sign up to the exchange and fill out a form with all the correct credentials. The exchange will surely verify the account and once everything is complete users will be able to purchase any cryptocurrency they want.

Setting up payment method

Once the account is activated users will have to simply go to the payment page and save all the payment data in it. It is recommended that users use their bank account or bitcoin to purchase so that they don’t have to pay the heavy processing fee. Purchase of any cryptocurrency through a credit or debit card is quite expensive because of the huge processing fees levied on these cards. You can always go old school and use your bank account for these transactions.

Purchasing and Storing Cocktail

Once users make the purchase they will have to create a crypto wallet on their own where they can keep all their purchases secured. There are multiple wallet options available so make sure to look for the one that suits you the most.


The Crypto market is growing quite rapidly and it surely made the NFT market grow along with it. More and more people are getting into NFT’s which is why Cocktail is a perfect place to invest money on. If you are thinking about investing in Non Fungible Tokens make sure you do the proper research and learn about them before putting all your money into them. Putting up a small portion of your money on NFT’s is a smart move now because it is expected that the NFT market will grow quite rapidly.

Pampther: An Ideal Crypto Coin to Start Investing In

If you are thinking of investing in crypto then there is no better coin than Pampther to start with. Owning this coin is quite rewarding because of all the gifts and NFTs the developers give away to the token holders. Since Pampther is at its initial stages the prices are quite low. After the full release of the platform with all the features and NFTs, the prices of coins will surely go up. If you have some money to invest make sure you invest it in Pampther tokens.

Crowns: The Currency that Will Change the World of Crypto

The popularity of cryptocurrency is growing quite rapidly all across the globe. More people are getting into crypto trading making more investors get into the crypto market. There are a huge number of cryptocurrencies available in the market which users can invest in. Crowns are surely one of them. If users are planning to purchase crypto on their own then it is recommended that they use their bank account instead of using their credit card or debit card because of the huge processing fee levied on every transaction. Now Invest in cryptos like Crowns and become a proud crypto holder. Earning dividends from Crowns is also something you should think about when investing in it.

A Detailed Guide to Only 1 Token

Only 1 Token is a form of cryptocurrency that is used widely, especially because of the extensive list of features it offers to the users. The value of this currency has been increasing since the start. It provides maximum benefit to the individuals. We hope you would now be able to purchase the cryptocurrency without any minor to major problems. But, one should have proper skills and intelligence for the same. They should be active and on alert throughout the time. The price of any currency does not remain the same. So, one has to know when to invest how much.

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